Jazz Is Alive And Well In Paris

Paris and jazz have long enjoyed a love affair.  The city remains a top destination for local and American artists and boasts a lineup of clubs and nightly acts that often rival New York City.  If you love music, seeing a live jazz show in Paris is a must.

But first some history.

Did she get your attention?  That is Josephine Baker.  Dancer and jazz/pop singer, she grew up poor under the yoke of discrimination in America.  When she traveled to Paris she became a featured singer at ‘Le Ball Negre’ (more on that later) and her career took off from there.  The Ball Negre was a cultural icon frequented by the cutting edge of Paris society in the 1920’s frequented by everyone from Picasso to Hemingway to F.Scott Fitzgerald.  You can read more about it here https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bal_Nègre


With her stunning looks, eclectic personality and arresting voice (think Piaf meets Billy Holiday meets the personality of Cheavalier) she quickly became the toast of the town.  Indeed, she was said to have received over 1,500 marriage proposals in her life as she became a cultural icon in France.  For more information on her life go to her official website http://www.cmgww.com/stars/baker/about/biography.html

And no accounting of this period, however brief, would be proper without a mention of Gypsy Jazz and the great Roma guitarist Django Reinhardt who dominated the Paris scene at that time with his syncopated hyper fast picking.


From World War I on, Paris was a refuge for countless American jazz artists who enjoyed the open bohemian spirit of the city.  Jazz artists who took up residence there in the included Sidney Bechet, Bud Powell, Dexter Gordon and Miles Davis to name a few. And with the embrace of jazz by the French the feelings were mutual.

Today Jazz remains alive and well in Paris.  You can hear it in small clubs throughout the city, on the radios of taxis and on the streets emanating from restaurants and bars. This recently renovated venue exemplifies this love.  The aforementioned Bal Negre was located on Rue Blomet, a 15 minute walk from the Yellow Flat vacation apartment.  It reopened on March 21 after lying in neglect and disrepair for years.  This must have been a labor of love, just look at what it looked like.


The development was also the subject of controversy. The owner wanted to keep the original name, but in doing so, drew vocal protests of racism from the local community. It is an interesting question to ponder, when is an homage to a club and the use of a historical name inherently or explicitly a racist statement? Le Bal Negre was the name of the club with incredible historic significance.  In any case, the controversy resolved, the club is open and the music is alive at Le Bal Blomet.

Many well-known clubs abound in the city.  One place to start is New Morning where I enjoyed a recent show by vocalist extraordinaire Kurt Eling and his band.  This large scale club presents a wide variety of music from around the world, so be sure to view listings in advance.

new morning 2

A tour of traditional and historically significant clubs always starts with the Duc De Lombard.  The granddaddy of Paris jazz venues leans to swing and cabaret and draws top talent, playing there now is Michael Fienstein.  Also located in the same part of the 1st district near Les Halles are Le Baiser Sale which has excellent open mike evenings and Caveau De La Huchette across the bridge in St Germain for more swing.

Paris has countless local clubs with home-grown talent.  These include Sunset Sunside and L’Improvsit. You can always get an up to date calendar by visiting http://www.parisjazzclub.net/.

If you want to see Gypsy Jazz then a trip out to Saint Ouen for a Sunday afternoon to La Chope Des Puces.  Its located at the flea market so you can combine the two sites in one day.  Pay attention to the area and watch yourself when walking.  Pickpockets abound. Other venues include the supper cub L’Atelier Charonne and Bouquet Du Nord, located near the Gare Du Nord.

And should you wish to feel a bit of Paris without leaving home, it is home to one the worlds great jazz stations TSF.  Listen at: http://tsfjazz.radio.net

So be sure to get your bop on when visiting Paris.  A little effort will be rewarded with a great time out.

The Yellow Flat is a one bedroom vacation rental apartment located a short walk from the Eiffel Tower.  Bright, warm and secure, it is our home away from home when we visit Paris and the perfect short term rental for you, your family and friends.  Returning guests always receive a 10% discount on their stay.

To learn more about the yellow flat, visit www.yellowflat.com or contact us at jkragen@prodigy.net

Winter In Europe Is Not Necessarily That Cold.

Christmas in Europe is different.

For those of us that are sometimes overwhelmed by the Christmas holidays, Europe is a refuge.  The holidays are understated, there is less in your face materialism and perhaps it is closer to the way it was in the past before the world carried it away into the search for bigger, better and more. As this photo of a local restaurant at Ecole Militaire in the 7th in Paris shows, the decorations are different too.  Much more subtle, restrained, refined.


You have to look to find the christmas trees.  Imagine those in the US.

Chestnuts are everywhere both in the markets and roasting in carts on the streets.


And they are delicious.

The weather is cooling quickly and its starting to feel like the holidays.

This is also a very good time to travel.

Air fares are ridiculously cheap, I flew round trip from San Francisco to London for under $600 and then on to Paris for under $60 each way.  And here is the best thing of all, this is how aircraft are looking right now, at least mid-week.


Its pretty comfy even on transatlantic flights.  Plenty of room in coach for your stuff and to sleep.  Both ways.


When was the last time you saw a check in line like this?  It is pretty nice.


Does this have you thinking of a last-minute trip to Paris?  Contact us now.

A neighborhood story.

Urban living is sometimes seen as cold and indifferent.  And that is because it often is.  The neighborhood that the Yellow Flat is located in is typically Parisian, baker, butcher and until recently an old man who spent his days in a stairwell next to the grocery store smiling, smoking and panhandling.  But this time when I returned to Paris the space where he sat was empty and instead I saw this:


A small makeshift memorial and flowers where he had sat and held court every day.  As you can see from the poster he had died.  A mass was held in his memory at the local church.


And these words in his memory.  Even in Paris, in this most busy urban area, the world stopped for a moment to pay respects to him.


And the Euro? Wow.

I can’t remember the last time that the Euro was at 1.06 to the dollar making travel to Europe a great value.  Take a look at this meal for two that we enjoyed at the Bistro Balhara or Rue Duvivier about 10 minutes walk from the Yellow Flat:

Start with a fricassee of crispy snails (yes I did it) and wild mushrooms.


Follow with perfectly prepared wild caught that morning scallops.


Finish with a soufflé finished with Calvados and flambeed at the table.


Including a bottle of delicious Gamay from the Loire, this lovely dinner cost us a grand total of 110 euro, 116 dollars.  Perfect neighborhood cure for a cold Paris night.  And next time I am going for the 6 course tasting menu at 52 euro each.


The Bistro Balhara is located at 23 Rue Duvivier, Paris 75007.  www.bistrotbelhara.com

We hope to see you soon in Paris at our Yellow Flat.

10 Things We Love About Our Yellow Flat.

It’s rather amazing but it has been ten years since we finished renovating our Yellow Flat Paris and began sharing it with our guests.  Along they way we have gotten to know a wonderful community of people who enjoyed our pied a terre as much as we did.  So to celebrate the 10th anniversary Florence and I took a moment to think about what makes this place so special and why we enjoy it so much every time we visit Paris.

Number 1. Something new! Our comfortable queen sized bed. We sleep well after a day of enjoying a day in the city.  Good reading lights too.


2.  Our living room couch.  We love the wonderful late afternoon light on the corner seat of the couch reading or just relaxing and taking it in.   It makes a great second bed for our extra guests.


3.  The third thing that the we love about the Yellow Flat is our remodeled kitchen, efficient as hell and fully stocked. And our new espresso machine.

New Kitchen

4.  Our shower. It has so much hot water and great pressure. Perfect for relaxing after  a day of touring or walking.


5.  The two-minute walk to the Champ De Mars park to look at the Eiffel Tower. We never get tired of looking at.  It is spectacular at any time of the day.

eif deserted in august

Or night.

eiffel tower night lights 2

6.  Walking to Poilane bakery for their amazing breads and morning pastries. Yes those are some amazing apple ‘chansons’ that make a perfect breakfast.

poilane 2

7.   Two glasses of rose’ on the terrace enjoying the afternoon sun.  No comment needed.

balcony w

8.   The views of the Parisian skyline from our floor to ceiling sliding glass windows in the living room and bedroom.


9.   Buying a salad at the Grenelle Marche bringing it home and enjoying it with a plate of artisan cheeses and a fresh baguette. And perhaps a lightly chilled Chinon or Bourgogne Aligote to go with it?


10. The 10th reason to love the Yellow Flat is that we are celebrating our 10th anniversary. So please take 10% off of any booking of a week’s stay during July or August 2016. Just mention our 10th anniversary celebration when you book. And enjoy this shot from 2006 when we were finishing construction.


As well as that wood paneling from the old kitchen.  It seems so dated in style.


As a further thank you to everyone who has stayed with us over the years I am happy to send you an 8 by 10 print of any photo that has appeared in this blog  Just tell us your story on our Facebook page and mention the photo you have in mind.  Or ask me to pick one.  Like this one for example.  I think its pretty cool.

eif troc tourist

All the best.

Jules and Florence



The Eiffel Tower Is Paris. Photos, Reflections And Meditations.

eif summer from the seine

The Eiffel Tower is the symbol of Paris.  Built in 1889 to celebrate the Worlds Fair, it contains a combination of history, engineering, location and visual power unmatched by any other urban landmark.

It is the sense of visual dominance that amazes during a visit to Paris.  It seems to pop up wherever you whether you are walking near the Seine, taking an elevated metro ride or looking out from a balcony.  When you see it, the Eiffel Tower commands your attention more than 125 years after it was built.  And for bonus points it sparkles every hour at night once in a show of thousands of small lights reflecting against the dark sky.

eif night sparkle

It starts with a massive base.  Powerful yet delicate, an erector set gone mad.

eif base

It rises in a lattice work of metal.

eif elevator

Up into the sky.

eif bw classic

It is beautiful in the day.

eif from the seine 2

And night.

eif night 3


eif winter


eif spring 2


eif festival

Fall.  (Well sort of this was shot in August when it is really quiet).

eif deserted in august

Even though it has been photographed a million times, it is often not any easy object to shoot.  It has a sense of scope, size and shape that make it a challenge.  But that hasn’t stopped anyone from trying.  Indeed, it the subject of millions of poses.

eif posing 2

And selfies.

eif fashion selfie

It is a scene. The scene of numerous weddings.

eif chinese wedding

And bike rides.  With a stop for coffee of course.

Eiffel Tower bikes copy

It peeks out from behind buildings.

eif from rue saint d

And trees.

eif trees

Or just plain dominates the skyline.

eif right bank seine

You can enjoy the view from the left bank on a foggy night.

foggy night

Or the right bank on a sunny day.

eif lovers

From the deck of a barge.

eif photo barge

Or the splendor of the Trocadero.

eif troc tourist

And many times it is simply a great place to chill on a sunny day.

eif spring chilling

The Eiffel Tower is much more than a tower.  It is what makes Paris Paris.

The Eiffel Tower is the subject of our new Yellow Flat fridge magnet.  If you would like one, just drop me an email at jkragen@prodigy.net and I will get it right out.

magnet night eiffel tower

Want to dig deep? Here is a link to some history: http://www.history.com/topics/eiffel-tower

The Yellow Flat is a vacation apartment located 5 to 10 minutes from the Eiffel Tower, a very easy walk.  We look forward to hosting you there and seeing your photos of the Eiffel Tower.

Jules and Flo.

j and f eiffel tower copy


News And Views From The Yellow Flat. And A Deal Too.

The Eiffel Tower Shines On

Change is in the air at the Yellow Flat Paris.

For the past 10 years we have enjoyed the friendship and camaraderie of Thierry, the manager of the Yellow Flat.  He is a large part of what makes it so special.  But he is ready to spend more time with his family, his wife and his 4 grandchildren and will be leaving us at the end of the year.  We wish Thierry the best and thank him for the professional and graceful way he worked with our guests.  We will miss his humor and most of all his laugh.  To his health!

thierry 2


Change is part of life and we take this opportunity to offer new services and options to improve your vacation in Paris.  Let us introduce you to Lisa Elias and Sasha Romary of Savoir Faire Paris (SFP).  Their boutique agency will manage the Yellow Flat starting in January of 2016. Both are fully bi-lingual.  They are also charming, attentive and professional.

sasha profile-lisa

Every guest at the Yellow Flat will receive a welcome basket including tea or coffee, sparkling water and a snack such as a croissant in the morning or baguette and cheese in the afternoon. The apartment will be set with fresh flowers.   The apartment will always be stocked with the things you need to enjoy your stay, dish soap, hand soap, toilet paper, paper towels, shampoo etc.  You will still have the package of services we offered in the past including airport pick up and return by a reliable driver for the same price as a taxi or lower as well as the option to stock the refrigerator full of groceries when you arrive. And as always, if you are missing something, just ask.

We have a new espresso machine (Nespresso) and flat screen TV waiting for you.  We are updating our wi-fi to a fast fiber optic system for easy communication.  Free calls home will continue as well.

Do you need help planning your trip, making dinner reservations or travel plans?  Would a personal concierge in Paris be of help to you?  You can purchase 2 hours of planning services through SFP, just let us know and we will send you more information.

The events of November 13 rocked Paris and frankly our family as well.  We want to show support for everyone who works and lives in Paris and to thank those of you who stayed at our Yellow Flat.   We offer a 10% discount on any rental during 2016 to previous guests.  That offer extends to any referral that you make to your friends and family.  Just make the reservation by March 31, 2016 and be sure to let us know when you stayed with us.  Drop us a line and let us know when you want to come.

Our very comfy couch is waiting for you and so is that view from the terrace. Come visit Paris and enjoy the Yellow Flat in 2016.


My favorite spot to relax.

All the best,

Jules and Flo.

DSC_0003An early morning view from the terrace

Cakes, Desserts And Lots More. Paris Bakeries Part 3: Enjoying The Patisserie.

DSC_0323.JPG sign

The Patissier

Exploring and Enjoying Parisian Bakeries Part 3.

Sweets, Desserts and Much Much More.

There is truly no way to do justice to the depth and variety of delectable goodies available at a good Parisian Patisserie in one article.  You will find an often overwhelming selection of tarts, chocolates, pastries, cookies and macarons (which seem to be everywhere these days).  Some will be familiar to you, others will be new and they are worth seeking out.   Think variety and you will not be disappointed.


Classic Bakery Counter

Tarte Aux Fruit or Fruit tarts are commonly found in both individual and large. The quality is very reliable even in less than great bakeries. Choices include mure (blackberry), citron (lemon), fraise (strawberry), framboise (raspberry) and poire (pear).  Many tarts will mix fruits for design and color.  Fillings range from simple glazes to rich creams.  The best ones run simple like this:


Perfect glaze and crispiness

Eclairs. I confidently wager that Paris has the best eclairs on earth with a variety of fillings including chocolate, coffee and vanilla creams.  Take a moment to read my review of Patiserrie Stohrer and then consider going there.  It was that good, the bakery is a throwback to Paris in the 1700’s and Rue Montorgeuil and the area around it are worth the trip.


Yes, since 1730.

Macarons.   These small almond based cookies or cakes with creme fillings have conquered Paris and apparently the world.  But honestly, is it worth waiting hours in line for one at La Duree? Better to pick some up at their stand at CDG airport on the way home and wow your friends. Macarons come in a cacophony of flavors and colors and are not in any way to be confused with coconut Macaroons.







Creampuffs are called Choux. The name means “little cabbage”.  If you can find them, try a Chouquette: small puff pastries without filling covered in sugar. Sort of a French donut hole.


Les Chouquettes

Opera.   An intense rectangular chocolate mousse cake covered in dark chocolate and often decorated lushly even featuring gold flake on occasion.

Canele.  This Bordeaux specialty has a distinctive caramel burnt sugar flavor and unique shape.  They are dense almost chewy perfect along side a shot of espresso.


Canele, pride of Bordeaux.

Chocolates.  Many bakeries will feature a display of chocolates to add to the party.

Bakery Chocolates

Bakery Chocolates

Recommendations in the neighborhood:

There are two pastry shops worth seeking out close to the Yellow Flat.  First is La Patisserie De Reves located across the Champ De Mars on Rue De Bac.  A visually engaging combination of classics and innovation that is really quite spectacular.  About 20 mins walk. 93 rue du Bac, 7th, +33 1 42 84 00 82. Métro: Rue du Bac. lapatisseriedesreves.com

The second is Desgateauxetdupain, an easier walk and again a lighter and innovative take on traditional cakes.  63 boulevard Pasteur, 15th, +33 1 45 38 94 16, desgateauxetdupain.com. Métro: Pasteur. Open Mon, Wed-Sun 8am-8pm

Though not in the neighborhood, Bontemps Patisserie, a young and dynamic new bakery in the Marais is turning out heavenly cookies called sable’, a cross between shortbread and sugar cookies with a crumbly nutty texture. Small drops of intense flavor made with a fine delicate hand.

Patisserie with amazing cookies in the Marais

Patisserie with amazing cookies in the Marais

bonempspatisserie  57 rue de Bretagne in the Marais+33 1 42 74 10 68  Metro Arts et Metiers.

For a completely different experience try these two patisseries, unusual in terms of both flavors and experiences with very different lineage.

While you many not think of Algeria as home to baked goods, consider visiting La Bague De Kenza. Think dates, almonds, baklava, rosewater and honey.  Order an assortment. 233 rue de la Convention, 15th, +33 1 42 50 02 97. Métro: Convention. labaguedekenza.com

Sadaharu Aoki As obvious by the name, this Japanese owned patisserie turns out exquisite chocolates that must be seen to be appreciated.  Located at the border of the 6th, 7th and 15th districts. 35 rue de Vaugirard 75006   +33 01 45 44 48 90 www.sadaharuaoki.com

exquisite candy

To learn more about how to enjoy Paris bakeries go to the first two blogs in this series.  You can read more about how to find the best Breads and get an overview of how to choose a great bakery here.

As always enjoy!


10 Great Things To Do With Kids In Paris You May Not Know About

Many visitors to Paris ask this question frequently.   “I am so excited to be visiting the city, but  what do I do with the kids?”

Paris can be a daunting challenge for families.  It is one of the reasons why we love short-term vacation rental apartments like the Yellow Flat.  Nothing better than being able to hand your tyke a bowl of choco-puffs and a seat in front of the TV at 9am instead of calling room service.

Still, this question remains a tough one and I am often at a loss to help.

The bloggers at SRSCK, a Dutch blog with great articles and photos have just published a piece on this subject with some great ideas, but it is in Dutch.  So, with their permission and the aid of modern technology, we have translated it into English.  If you want to see the original just follow this link:


So please enjoy the English version (with a few of my comments and edits).

In Paris you do not get bored for a second. Apart from being a city that appeals to the imagination, it is also a city that has everything. Well, almost.

eif quiet

Culture, nature, sports and games, you name it and you will find it in Paris. For all tastes and all ages especially for children because there is a huge range of activities and interesting places. We put together a top 10 for our highlights for kids in Paris!

Musee Grevin

This wax museum in Paris has a collection of images of about 300 images. The museum is similar to the Madame Tussauds in Amsterdam, well at least what the images are concerned, then, the atmosphere is in fact very different. Where Tussaud modern series, plays Grevin on old French charm and bygone times. The museum has therefore been around since 1882.

The museum was conceived by Arthur Meyer. He was a journalist and pictures were still very little used in the press at that time so it seemed fun using wax to show how the people he wrote about looked his readers. He asks Alfred Grevin to help him. Grevin is a sculptor, cartoonist and costume designer, an artist so! Since then, the museum expanded course. There is a recently opened in Montreal in 2014 and one in Prague.

The images are divided into different areas according to themes such as singers, political figures, historical figures, characters from children’s books and cartoons, actors from home and abroad and more. You’ll see Obama, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Frankenstein, Louis XIV, Picasso and Marsupilami. Calculate about 1.5 hours to see the Musee Grevin. On the weekends, except during school holidays, there are also special guided tours for children (from 7 to 12 years) in which the children are dressed up and also look behind the scenes. Everything is done in a fun way but is in French.

10 Boulevard Montmartre Paris

Metro Grand Boulevards or Richelieu Drouot


The Parks of Paris

In the parks of Paris, there is always a lot to experience. That in itself is 10 great things and in the parks you will find playgrounds, a zoo, Ferris wheels, carousels, museums and much more.   Just pick one in your neighborhood like the Champ De Mars, 10 minutes walk from they Yellow Flat.


Flight experience

This is a very special experience, but it is suitable only for older children The minimum age here is 10 years and the minimum length is 1m40.  In this experience, you control a plane in a simulator, where you “sit” in a Boeing 737-800. The simulator is completely closed so you really feel like in an airplane.

You can opt for a flight from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. You will be guided by an instructor, the instructors are all too real pilots. There should be one person playing for pilot and two people as passengers in the back.

Flight Experience.  6 Quai De La Gare  Paris

Cirque d’hiver

The cirque d’hiver real circus lovers will certainly appeal. It is a classic traditional circus in a beautiful historic building. You really feel like you are sent back in time. The circus was founded in December 1852. The Trapeze movie from the 50s with Gina Lollobrigida, Tony Curtis and Burt Lancaster is included here. The circus is in any case often been the scene of movies and events Phenomenal, new show every year.

Since 1934, waving the famous circus family Bouglione here with the scepter. Bouglione’s always come with new shows. It is recommended to the extent possible to buy tickets in advance as the shows always get quickly. Tickets can through the website of the Cirque d’Hiver be purchased.

110 Rue Amelot Paris, metro Files du Calvaire.


Cinéaqua is a very nice aquarium in Paris at the Trocadero. There are not only aquariums but also cinemas and a theater in the complex. There are more than 40 basins with countless fish, sharks (32 species!) And marine animals from all over the world. There are also various workshops and activities for children. Oh, and there is a Japanese restaurant! All in all a very nice aquarium and fun for the kids for a day.

5 Avenue Albert Du Mun, Paris.  www.cienaqua.com.

Boating on the Seine.

A nice change from the metro is a boat. The kids will also like to determine from the mythical Seine to explore the city.

Boating is also helping many different companies and both day and evening. The Bateaux Mouches are the most famous and offer many different options. Besides just off topic, or just the contrary: it’s fun to Paris before you leave the animation film “A Monster in Paris” look. A very nice movie then the children will recognize all of the film on the Seine and speed that makes the whole vivid for them.

Another way to enjoy the Seine is the Batobus.  This systems uses boats going up and down the Seine as transport.  Reasonably priced at 15 euro for the day or 18 euros for two days of unlimited rides with 8 stops at key destinations such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and Musee D’Orsay.

For more information go to http://www.batobus.com/english/

Cité des Enfants at the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie

The Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in La Villette is a huge complex of five floors of anything and everything about technology and science. The building is to be found among others: a planetarium, an IMAX theater and a museum. A portion of the center is specially designed for children: La Cité des Enfants.

It is divided into two areas, one for children aged 2 to 7 and the other for those aged 5 to 12. There are all sorts of games and activities to do. Tests The program is interactive and children will not get bored here. It is worth also just to check what exhibitions there. These change regularly and are often very nice. For example, there now until August 18 an exhibition about the projects, designs and drawings of Leonardo da Vinci.

Cite Des Enfants.  30 Avenue Corentin Cariou, Paris.  www.cite-sciences.fr

Cites des Science.  Same.

La tete dans les nuages

La tete dans les nuages ​​is a great arcade (1500 m²!) with fun games and games for all ages. I would not linger too long because the money goes here quickly but just half an hour if it rains for the children long enough and they find it super fun. Also fun for the kids is the mini bowling here.

5 Boulevard Des Italiens Pris.  www.itdn.com.  Metro Richelieu-Drouot.

Ballon de Paris

Climb into a huge balloon and see Paris from a height of 150m. Paris looks great from high altitudes and some balloon offers respite from the view from the Eiffel Tower or from the famous Ferris Wheel. There can be up to 30 passengers in the balloon. Always check in advance the website of the Paris Balloon because they depend on the weather and sometimes not fly. That is always indicated on the site.

This attracation can be found in the Park Andre Citroen located in the 15th and a great place to hang out and watch the French locals actually enjoying themselves.

Ballon De Paris, Park Andre Citroen, Paris 75015.  Nearest metro Lourmel

Musée en herbe

This museum is especially designed for children from 3 years to 103.

Exhibitions are also arranged so that they will appeal to children. Visit the site of the Musée en Herbe to look at the exhibitions and workshops there. There are many activities and workshops and installations are often interactive for kids really involvement.  It is located in one of the great parks of Paris, the Bois De Boulogne.  Open daily.


Wide range of workshops (c) Musée en herbe

Musee en Herbe, 21 Rue Herold, Paris.  www.musee-en-herbe.com.

In our top 10, we focused on Paris itself but if you are willing to step outside the city, in the vicinity of Paris, to go poking around there are plenty of options for kids.
Of course there are the major theme parks such as Euro Disney and Parc Asterix but also the Palace of Versailles and children will be amazed by the beautiful zoo: Parc de Thoiry zoologique.
Closer to Paris itself are the pool of Neuilly and many indoor playgrounds like the Playmobil Funpark (yes a park dedicated to those goofy Playmobile toys)  and Ludiboo. All in all, kids will definitely enjoy themselves in the French capital!
Thanks to our friends at Srsck for this great information.  We could not agree more!  And make sure the kids enjoy a crepe with lots of whipped cream during their day.
Do you have places that your family enjoyed while in Paris?  Please comment so we can grow this list.