A Winter Walk Through Paris. Yes, It Is So Damn Beautiful.

What is this? An almost deserted Tuileries Garden.

A late afternoon in Paris. Grey skies. Rain threatening. Foreboding clouds. Cold brisk wind.  In other words a great time for a walk on a winter day.

I had just finished viewing the Dorothea Langue exhibit at the Jeu De Paume (through January 27).  This show is a must see for anyone curious to grasp the power of the social and economic forces that rocked America to its core during the 1930’s and to witness the compelling vision of a great woman photographer who documented those times.  I exited to a Paris that many do not know.  Wonderfully devoid of tourists and home to a very different looking landscape full of visual treats.  A place where your mind becomes clear.  Where there is, yes, solitude.

A calm city full of vistas that you never see in other seasons. A young boy reading a book.

A solitary man just taking it all in.

The proverbial green chairs…now stacked up and sitting until the weather changes.

The water sculpture garden.  Practically empty.  No one selling you anything.

The walk back to the Yellow Flat was an unexpected reminder of the glory of Paris in winter.  It continued across the Seine to the Left Bank.


Then looking out to the Grand Palais across Pont Alexandre III.

And turning now to face the lawns in front of Invalides…

where there is always time for some Petanque, even in winter.

Down Avenue de la Motte-Picquet to Ecole Militaire and of course the Eiffel Tower, which for once, in an act of rebellion, I did not photograph.

But what the hell, here is a shot from earlier in the trip, it’s always iconic.

Across Avenue de Suffren and then..

home to a warm Yellow Flat.

It had been hour of pure pleasure as well as a time to reflect and even get a bit of exercise.

When visiting Paris, try to go during the off-season.  The temperature from October to mid December is typically in the 50’s during the day. So put on a good coat, a scarf and good walking shoes. You will be rewarded by views and moments like these.

And a quick note about getting advance tickets to the exhibit.  They are available through the large French entertainment chain FNAC.  While registering was a bit tough, my reward was skipping a 1/2 hour line into the show and going right to the front of the line where much to my pleasant surprise, I was let right in.  So persevere and get your tickets before you go.  Especially when it is cold and the line is long.

To earn more about the Dorothea Lange exhibition here: http://www.jeudepaume.org

Curious about our Yellow Flat?  Visit our website or drop me a line at jkragen@prodigy.net




  1. Hello Jules, Your email and view of this Great City put me in a peaceful state of mind. I have never forgotten the wonderful experience we had at Yellow Flat. I prefer cooler weather myself. This gets me motivated to think of another visit during cool weather next year. We are spending 6 weeks in Florida this winter for a break in Ohio weather. We experienced Grand Cayman in January 2018 and Maui just recently. March 2019 we will celebrate our 20th Anniversary. We are already discussing Europe again, I would love to come back to Yellow Flat. Wishing you a Joyous Holiday, and Thank you for the Thoughtful Insight. Cathy

    Cathy Garlitz, Realtor e-Pro, Certified Negotiations Expert (CNE) OAR Presidents Award 2013-2017 Champions Club 2016 Howard Hanna Crocker Road Cell/Text: 440-477-3915

    “The content of this message shall not be considered binding upon any party unless and until a contract or addendum containing said terms is executed in writing by all parties.”


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