Traveling From CDG Airport To The Yellow Flat Paris. Plenty of Options.

Getting from Charles De Gaulle Roissy airport to the Yellow Flat in Paris is relatively easy, in fact surprisingly so. There are several choices for you to consider as part of your travel plans. The most important factor in making the choice is your budget.  As with most travel decisions, there is a direct convenience to price relationship, the cheapest option being the least comforting/most work and the most expensive the fastest and most luxurious (with the exception of often horrible Parisian traffic which is often an issue).

Let’s explore the available options, in order of price from least expensive to most.

The suburban train or RER.

The suburban train system in Paris is the RER.

You look for the line RER B (Blue). The RER B train line runs north-south to the center of Paris, stopping at Gare Du Nord, Châtelet Les Halles with 4 metro lines and 3 RER lines available, then Saint Michel/Nôtre Dame, Luxembourg, Port Royal, Denfert-Rochereau, Cité Universitaire, and continues south towards Orly Airport. To reach Orly you must transfer onto the OrlyVal metro at station Antony.

To reach central Paris you take the train to Paris (Robinson, Antony, St-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse).

You will exit the train at the stop called Denefert Rocherau.  You can then either leave the station and take a taxi to the Yellow Flat or take the Metro line 6 direction Charles De Gaulle/Etoile, exiting at Station La Motte Piquet Grenelle.

Where do you find the train?

The Paris-Charles de Gaulle SNCF/RER station is located between terminals 2C-2D and 2E-2F. Once there look for a dark glass paned room on the bottom floor, off to one side that will be selling RER tickets and SNCF/TGV tickets. You will see a sign that you guides you to this station or ask one of the information kiosks.

If you’re facing this glass room, the door on the left will be for RER tickets to Paris. Look for a ticket seller that speaks English, they have a little British flag in their window.  Most vendors know enough to get buy.

You want to be a one way ticket, Paris Aller Simple in French.

The cost is now 9.25€ for an adult, 7.10€ for children 4 – 9) and free for children under 4).

Have euros to pay cash, US credit cards to not operate unless they have a computer chip, not typical.

Duration.  Allow 50 minutes from the airport to the center of Paris.

Pros.  No traffic. Reasonably fast.

Cons.  Very crowded when returning to the airport as your RER train is likely to cross the city and they are almost always busy during the day.  No place to put your luggage returning to the airport.

More info?  Look for the button getting to the airport by public transit.


There are two bus systems, one public the run by Air France.


The Roissy bus is operated by the RATP, the Parisian metropolitan transit authority. It stops at all terminals.  You look for the sign “Roissy Bus”.

The cost is 10 euro per person.  You can buy your ticket directly from the conductor.  Have cash ready.

Stops. There is one route, CDG to Opera.

They run about every 15 minutes from 6am to 11pm.

Duration:  Allow 50 to 60 minutes without heavy traffic.

Pros.  A seat, sometimes, and a place to put your luggage.  Reasonable cost.

Cons.  You are often stuck in traffic.

Owing to the location of the Yellow Flat, we recommend you take the Air France bus instead as Opera is not a good drop point.

Les Cars Air France

The Air France bus leaves from most terminal 2 stops and drops you at a number of locations in Paris.  If you don’t see a sign after clearing customs ask an information desk.

Route:  Airport to the following destinations:

Line 1:  Invalides and Gare Montparnasse

Line 2:  Port Maillot and Etoille/Champs Elysees

Line 3:  Orly airport.

Line 4:  Gare De Lyon.
Cost:  11 to 18 euro depending upon route.  Youth and kid fares available.  You can pay your driver in cash or US credit card.

You can also buy your Air France bus tickets in advance on the Internet.  Go to:

Frequency.  Every 20 to 30 minutes.

Duration. Figure on 45 minutes to an hour.

Pros and Cons are basically the same as Roissy bus.  You pay a little more but you have more flexibility in where you exit.


Take line 2 Port Maillot or or Line 1 to Invalides or Gare Montparnasse and take a taxi from there to the Yellow Flat.

If traveling on by metro:

From Invalides; take the line 8 direction Balard, exiting at Station La Motte Piquet Grenelle.

From Gare Montparnasse; take the Metro line 6 direction Charles De Gaulle/Etoile, exiting at Station La Motte Piquet Grenelle.

If exiting at Port Maillot; look for the metro station Charles De Gaulle/Etoile.  Then take the Metro line 6 direction Nation, exiting at Station La Motte Piquet Grenelle.

It is a bit of a walk from Port Maillot to the metro, so we prefer the Gare Montaparnasse or Invalides route.

If going by taxi, look for a stand and ask them to take you to 9 Rue Alasseur at the Village Suisse.

More info?


Taxis are plentiful and will cost about 55 to 80 euro depending upon traffic and your eventual destination in Paris.  Just walk outside your terminal.

Pros:  They take you to your destination.  Cost effective with parties of 3 or more.

Cons:  When you sit in traffic your meter runs.


Driver services are the most expensive and the most reliable way to get to Paris.  It is a luxury, but one that we believe is well worth it.

Pros: Your driver meets you at the terminal and takes you directly to your destination.   Fixed price. Again, more cost-effective for larger parties.  We are happy to arrange transportation with our driver, Patrick.  Just email us at:

Cons:  Expensive.

For more information about driver services email us at:

All in all a variety of services existing for you to choose from in planning your trip from CDG to Paris.  Always keep in mind the number of passengers and the amount of luggage you are carrying.

And think about yourself at the moment you arrive in Paris, just how will you be feeling and how much hassle will you are willing to put up with.

You can always email us your questions at  Safe journeys.


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