Take Your Wife, Lover, etc. To Paris. Make Her Cry. She Will Love You For It. The Pont Des Arts

This post is about romance. It’s about being together with someone you love in Paris.  And not just any kind of romance either. We are talking about romance in the most romantic city in the world.  Let me share an experience with you that will have him or her loving you more (or show you that there is something seriously missing in your relationship).

By no means is it limited to wives or marriage.  So while I am writing about my moment with my wife, this could be about anyone you love.

It will take a little planning but not too much.  You need to know where you are going.  You are going to a bridge on the Seine near the Musee D’Orsay known as the Pont Des Arts.  It is a stylish pedestrian only bridge between the Quai de Conti (left bank) and the Quai Des Tulieries (right) with a killer view.

Here is the link to google maps to help you find it:


Take some time and look at the map or load it into your phone, this little bridge can be difficult to find.

You will need a padlock.  Now don’t get kinky on me, just bring a padlock and make sure that you have the key.

Plan the day so you arrive in the late afternoon, just as we did with the sun setting on a later winter day.  Take a long walk on either side of the river.  Visit a museum (Branly, D’Orsay) or the Tuileries.  Have a great lunch (the cafeteria at the Musee D’Orsay is great) and some wine.  Or spend the day wandering the 6th and shopping.  Just make sure that your route has you walking along the Seine heading towards the Pont Des Arts as the day winds down.

When you get there suggest that you cross the bridge to look at the view.  And why not; look at it!  This should soften her up immediately.

Once there she may or may not notice something unusual about this bridge.  And in my case she didn’t for a while, although eventually she caught on. The bridge is covered with locks.  Lots of locks of all sizes.  And they are all attached to the bridge. They are called love locks.

I am not sure where this tradition of love locks started but it has become a world-wide phenomena.  The city of Paris is not happy with these locks, they cut them off in 2010 but you can’t stop love, lovers and locks.

Wait until it is your moment.  You know when it is, she has seen the locks and has said how romantic this is, or how cute or maybe she is just staring off at the view of Notre Dame on one side or the Grand Palais on the other.  You will know when the moment is and if you are smart, you let it build.  Then when the time is right, you pull the lock out of your pocket. Maybe you took the time to write a message on it, maybe not, it is not that important.  Put the lock in her hand, give her the key and let her lock a piece of you both onto that bridge.

Now here is the extra fun part.  Seal the deal and throw the key into the Seine together.  I think at that point I said something about renewal.

Is she crying yet?  My wife sure was. Maybe she expresses herself by laughing with joy?  Is she laughing?  Has she hugged you?  Well if she is a little shy, then hug her.  Stand there together.  Let the moments wash over you and let them sink in. Take your time.  You are together on a beautiful bridge overlooking one of the prettiest most romantic scenes in the world.  You took the time to come to Paris and to plan this experience and unless I am missing the boat entirely, you nailed it.

Pont Des Art.   20 minutes from the Yellow Flat by metro, 30 minutes walking.  Metro station Saint Germain Des Pres.  Take Rue Bonaparte towards the Seine and walk out onto the bridge.  The rest is up to you.


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