Lions and Tigers and Trowels. Oh My?

Deyrolle.  46 Rue De Bac, Paris 75007.  25 minutes walk from the Yellow Flat.

It all began so innocently, walking by and noticing the exceptional Christmas decorations in what seemed to be a very trendy looking gardening store near Blvd. St Germaine on Rue Due Bac.  Strangely enough, there amongst the Christmas lights was a large and equally well-decorated brown bear.  Yes, a stuffed bear, you can see it in the photo right below.  Well that seemed funny enough to be worth a look, so we went in.

Once inside we discovered a beautiful garden store and more so, what appeared to be an amazing botanical resource.  The store was full of not just cool gardening tools and clothing, but also classic Audubon style lithograph drawings of fruits and plants.
Yet once again something was a bit strange.  Off. Some of the lithographs were of body part details. Others contained the complete families of mollusks, beetles and ants.  But that was just part of nature.  Wasn’t it?

I noticed the stairs leading to an upper floor and asked the saleslady what was up there.  With a knowing smile she said “C’est une surprise.”  It is a surprise.

And it wasn’t even my birthday.

I am a bit conflicted about writing about what is upstairs.  I don’t want to take away the surprise for you. Let me say it was one of the most unusual collections of well you can read on, displayed in an equally amazing way.  It was awe-inspiring in its scope and its breadth.

Stop here if you want to discover this one of a kind shop yourself and read on only if you want.



So you want to know what was up there?

Animals. Reptiles.  Crustaceans.  Insects.  Lizards. Snakes.  Centipedes.  Spiders.  Butterflies.  Beautiful luminescent butterflies and beetles and bugs.  Crabs. Lobsters.  Thousands of them. All preserved and displayed in sometimes humorous and never expected ways.  All dead and perfectly preserved.  All waiting for you.  And there is no way that my writing can ever do justice to what is up there.  And they will not let you take photos.  No way, I found out.

Along side the animals was a collection of vintage posters that created by Mr. Deyrolle, a world-famous biologist and naturalist.  You can learn more about Emile Deyrolle and his sons at

Need a stuffed Tapir?  They got it.

Truly one of a kind and a gem of a shop.



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